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Your hotel with sauna in Trentino

A spa in Trentino that makes dreams come true

Our hotel with sauna in Trentino boasts a charming area with different state-of-the-art saunas. The Le Maddalene spa is equipped with a Finnish sauna, a bio sauna, a Turkish steam bath, and an infrared sauna. The saunas of our spa in Trentino are open for you every day from 2.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. and welcome all guests of our wellness hotel in Val di Non who have reached the age of 16. In our hotel with sauna in Trentino, we kindly ask our guests to not disturb the peace and silence in the wellness and relaxation areas.

Finnish sauna

A pampering treatment for the body and mind. The heat from about 80° C to 100° C promotes blood circulation and provides the body with more oxygen and nourishment. Intense perspiration purifies the skin and eliminates toxins and dead cells. In addition, the enveloping heat relaxes the muscles and relieves tensions.

Bio sauna

A pleasant "soft sauna" with temperatures that do not exceed 55° C, while humidity reaches 65%.
It has a relaxing effect, but does not affect the cardiovascular system if the stay does not exceed 15 minutes. The use of aromatic herbs makes the stay in the bio sauna more pleasant.

Turkish steam bath

A real rite of body purification. The temperature is about 50° C and the percentage of humidity reaches 95%. It has relaxing effects, loosens muscle tension, and makes the skin soft and supple for several days.

Infrared sauna

A "bath" of dry heat that gives a pleasant and relaxing feeling of well-being, similar to that experienced by exposing the body to the sun! The deep-reaching infrared heat penetrates the muscle tissue, releases tensions, and helps in case of torn muscles, sprains, and joint inflammation. After the infrared sauna, the feeling of relaxation and well-being is very intense!