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Your holiday in Val di Non between nature, activities, and culture

For active holidaymakers

During your next holiday in Val di Non, you will have plenty of opportunities to explore the Maddalene, the picturesque mountains that surround the Alpen Garten Hotel Margherita, our charming hotel in Trentino with a spa. Flowery meadows, grassy slopes, rustic alpine pastures, crystal clear mountain lakes, and breathtaking views make the Val di Non one of the most suggestive corners of the region and a real paradise for outdoor activities in every season. What would you like to do during your next holiday in Val di Non? No matter your choice, we will be happy to accompany you on these unforgettable adventures.

A holiday in Val di Non focused on outdoor activities

The most beautiful excursions take you through unspoilt landscapes to the Cima Belmonte, Lago Trenta, Monte Pin, and Monte Luco/Laugen Spitze. On holiday in Val di Non, discover the 20 routes dedicated to ski touring the Maddalene or venture out with your Nordic walking sticks or mountain bike, and, why not, take part in the famous Maddalene Sky Marathon.
You’d like to know what the immediate vicinity of our hotel in Val di Non has in store for you? The natural beauty of Val d’Ultimo/Ultental, the unique charm of the Ortles/Ortler, the picturesque village of S. Getrude/St. Gertraud with its centuries-old larches, the majestic Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio/Naturpark Stilfser Joch with its unspoilt nature that just waits to be explored during hikes and ski tours on the Schwemmalm.
You can also use your holidays in Val di Non to discover one or more stages of the Cammino Jacopeo d’Anaunia, which is 170 km long and takes 8 days. Are you passionate about fishing? Val di Non offers you numerous fishing spots: crystal-clear streams such as the Rio Sass, the Torrente Novella or the Torrente Pescara, the alpine Lago di Tovel, the Lago Smeraldo, and the fishing lakes of Coredo and Tavon are ideal places for this discipline.

Summer holidays in Trentino – our tips for Nordic walking

  • Nordic walking route Cavallino Corto – easy – 3.8 km
  • Nordic walking route Brisa – medium – 8.3 km
  • Nordic walking route Ziro del Lez – medium – 9.3 km

Winter holidays in Trentino – our tips for snowshoe hiking

  • Tour of the alpine pastures with 4 paths to choose from
  • Giro del Lez and Passo Fresna
  • Leisurely snowshoe hike at Lago di Tret – easy – 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Snowshoeing from alpine pasture to alpine pasture on Monte Roen – easy – 3 hours
  • Snowshoe hike on the snowy plateau of Predaia – easy – 3 hours and 40 minutes

For further information on the winter itineraries, please visit the website of the Val di Non Tourist Board. The rental of snowshoes and bikes is included in some of our holiday packages. If not, you can rent them for a small fee directly at our hotel during your holiday in Val di Non. And do not forget: We’ll be happy to accompany you on your outings in nature!

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Holidays in Val di Non – Golf and football

During your holidays in Val di Non, you can play golf at the Dolomiti Golf Club, designed by the internationally renowned architect Michel Niebdala. The same grassy countryside where the Habsburgs played a century ago, now houses a challenging 18-hole course on an area of 50 hectares in the splendid setting of the Dolomiti di Brenta and the Maddalene mountains. Rumo is also a popular destination for summer retreats of football teams in a quiet area surrounded by nothing but nature. Only 20 metres from the Alpen Garten Hotel Margherita, there is a grass field illuminated by spotlights, a training field, and a concrete platform for playing tennis or basketball. Male A-league teams, female A-league teams, male C-league teams, youth teams, and many others have already chosen Rumo as their retreat site in the past. We are pleased to provide you with a quote for your team's retreat at our hotel.

In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.

Jean-Jacques Aristotle

Holidays in Val di Non with fantastic inclusive services

If you book a minimum of two overnight stays, you’ll receive the Trentino Guest Card for free. In case of short stays of only one night, the guest card will be available for adults at an additional fee of 10.00 euros per person. The Trentino Guest Card grants you numerous exclusive benefits such as the free admission to more than 70 museums, parks, and attractions. Furthermore, it entitles you to the free use of all public transport throughout Trentino.
During your holiday in Val di Non, you’ll enjoy the free entry to the following establishments:

  • San Romedio
  • Castel Thun
  • Museo Retico
  • Canyon RioSass
  • Parco Fluviale Novella
  • Gampen Gallery
  • La Casa dell’Acqua
  • Giardino della Rosa
  • Casa del Parco Lago Rosso (Lago di Tovel)
  • Lago di Tovel parking space

Exhibit your Trentino Guest Card during your holiday in Val di Non and look forward to a 20% discount when visiting:

  • Castel Valer
  • Castel Nanno
  • S. Antonio/St. Anton-Mendola/Mendel cable car
  • Sores Park
  • Trentino dei Castelli (10% discount)

Some of the best manufacturers in Trentino invite you to their stores for a tasting of local products and offer you a 10% discount on your first purchase. We’ll be happy to inform you about the manufacturers in Trentino that are part of this initiative.

Other activities during your summer holiday in Trentino

What to see in Val di Non is the question that most guests of the Alpen Garten Hotel Margherita ask us during their holidays in Val di Non. Our hotel is a perfect starting point for your trips no matter the season. In summer, you can go hiking and trekking, mountain biking, or play golf... In winter, it's time to put on your snowshoes and enjoy the fresh snow and the silence of nature at your own pace.

There are plenty of things to see in Val di Non, for example Lago di Tovel, Castel Thun, the Giardino della Rosa in Ronzone, Castel Valer, and Castel Nanno. Other attractions in Val di Non? The canyons, the Museo Retico, the MuSe, the Maddalene. And it's not over, because there are countless places to visit in Val di Non and they are all within your reach. Make the most of your summer holiday in Trentino and explore the spectacular surroundings of our hotel, you will thrilled by the variety of leisure opportunities. We will be happy to advise you on what to see in Val di Non and provide you with useful information and advice.

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