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Highlights in and around Val di Non

Our favourite trips

Rumo is situated on the gentle slopes of the Maddalene. It is the crossroads of ancient paths that crossed the mountains and led merchants and pilgrims through Europe. Time has not affected the artistic testimonies of an architectural style that has remained incredibly intact – admire it in the Case dei Capitelli and precious doors or in the small churches with frescoes by the Baschenis. The people of Rumo still share the secrets of these magical places with travelers passing through. They know how to convey their love and passion for the landscapes, for the woods, for the pastures, and for the traditional habits of a life in close contact with nature. From our hotel in Val di Non, you can easily reach the most popular destinations in the area. Take a look at the many possibilities and remember: thanks to the Trentino Guest Card, available to our guests for free, you enjoy free access!

Castel Thun

Castel Thun is a monumental building of medieval origin that served as the seat of the noble and powerful Thun family. Located in Ton in Val di Non, it is one of the best-preserved castles in Trentino. After a long period of restoration, Castel Thun was reopened to the public in April 2010. Today it is part of one of the most prestigious museum complexes in Trentino made up of Castello di Stenico, Castel Beseno, and Castello del Buonconsiglio.

The Canyons of Val di Non

A gorge that was created by the flow of the waters and can now be explored on adventurous hikes along footbridges and stirs. These Canyons of Val di Non impress with their gorges, narrow rock walls, and crystal clear waterfalls among thick forests and small farming villages. These fantastic spectacles of nature, which have remained hidden and inaccessible for centuries, have recently been rediscovered and are now accessible along picturesque paths built into the rock. Two of these routes, the Canyon Rio Sass and the Parco Fluviale Novella, can be visited with expert guides who illustrate the beauty and natural features of the area. Explore them with a helmet and two-way radio or take part in an exciting kayak excursion with your little ones!

Museo Retico

Centre for the history of Val di Non from the Ice Age to late antiquity, the museum houses the most important archaeological finds found in the area. The "Pozzo del tempo" (Well of Time) educational path, which from the bottom of the building goes up in a spiral, retraces the entire history of the Val di Non, starting from prehistoric artefacts, passing through the Rhaetian and Roman testimonies, to arrive at the early medieval testimonies of the Goths and Lombards. Just 20 minutes from our Alpen Hotel Garten Margherita.

Giardino della Rosa

The Giardino della Rosa of Ronzone is located on one of the most beautiful terraces of Alta Anaunia. A wonderful place overlooking a beautiful natural landscape. At about one thousand meters above sea level, it is a rarity: the rose garden with hundreds of varieties and thousands and thousands of roses with their own history, their scents, and their charm.

Santuario di San Romedio

At 732 m a. s. l., Santuario di San Romedio is one of the most characteristic hermitages and witnesses of the Christian faith in Europe. It rises on top of a 70-metre high calcareous rock and – according to legend – was where Romedius of Thaur spent his life as a hermit. The whole complex of five small churches is connected by a steep stairway with 131 steps.

Castel Valer

The old manor completes the cultural offer of the Val di Non and is flanked by the equally beautiful Thun Castle. Built in the 12th century, Castel Valer di Tassullo is one of the best preserved castles in the Alps. You can admire the inner courtyards, the cellars, the gardens, the chapel of San Valerio with frescoes by Giovanni and Battista Baschenis, the Madruzzi rooms, the study rooms, the Gothic kitchen, the loggia, and the hall of the coats of arms.

Castel Nanno

Not far from Castel Valer and just a few steps from one of the oldest villages in Val di Non is where you’ll find one of the most beautiful castles in the area: Castel Nanno. Its particular shape, with a central tower, is elegant and austere. Built by the Lords of Enno, it reveals fascinating stories and legends.


The museum designed by the famous architect Renzo Piano enhances the visit for a more engaging and meaningful experience for both young and old. It offers a place to reflect on the relationship between nature and the environmental changes caused by humans. The visitor will understand how science and technology can contribute in finding a solution for saving our planet.


45 minutes by car and you are there: the South Tyrolean spa town awaits you with its mild climate and Central European atmosphere among Art Nouveau palaces, walks along the river Passer, palm trees, and coniferous forests. Not to be missed? The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, which impress with 80 botanical environments with plants from every corner of the world.


The capital of the province of South Tyrol boasts a picturesque and very elegant old town. Piazza Walther/Waltherplatz, the arcades, the cathedral... a stroll and a coffee break in Bolzano/Bozen provides moments of true bliss. Right in the centre, you will find the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology, which houses the glacier mummy Ötzi. In addition to this illustrious guest, the museum records the entire history of South Tyrol from the Palaeolithic and Carolingian era.