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Enchanting Lago di Tovel: the legend of the red lake

A natural jewel of the Parco Naturale Adamello-Brenta

The Lago di Tovel is a masterpiece of nature. Discover it during a visit to the Parco Naturale Adamello-Brenta and admire the particularly clear waters of Lake Tovel, which take on shades of blue and green.
During your next holiday at the Alpen Garten Hotel Margherita, our hotel in Val di Non, admire the Lago di Tovel, which is known for its crystal-clear waters and incredible shades of blue and green. What makes it famous beyond the Italian borders is the redness of the water, a phenomenon that until the '60s happened every summer. Unfortunately, today this spectacle does not occur anymore. There are many hypotheses to explain the phenomenon, the most recent attributing it to the presence of three species of algae: the Tovellia sanguinea, the Baldinia anauniensis, and a third, currently undergoing scientific research. In summer, these algae gave the typical red colour to the waters of the Lago di Tovel.

The house of the Parco Lago Rosso

On the shores of the Lago di Tovel, there is one of the houses of the Parco Naturale Adamello-Brenta, created in collaboration with the Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali. The house is dedicated to the brown bear, the symbolic animal of the park, and houses photographs, educational and illustrative texts, film and audio clips, perfumes, realistic reconstructions, naturalised animals as well as interactive activities and books.

The Lago di Tovel is part of the basin of the Noce river, one of the most important tributaries of the Adige river, and has an area of 360.000 m² with a maximum depth of 39 m. The Val di Tovel and the Parco Naturale Adamello-Brenta can be reached from the village of Tuenno (along the provincial road no. 73) by taking the provincial road no. 14 of the Val di Tovel, which runs alongside the Rio Tresenga.

During the summer, the lake can be reached by shuttle bus from Cles, Tuenno, or from the car park in Capriolo.