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The hotel in the Dolomites for mountain lovers

Hikes in Val di Non and much more

Our hotel in the Dolomites is the ideal home away from home for hiking fans, nature lovers, and mountain enthusiasts. The Alpen Garten Hotel Margherita, our hotel in the Dolomites, is the ideal starting point for exploring the most beautiful spots of Val di Non along enchanting routes of varying difficulty. Whether demanding peak victory or leisurely hike in Val di Non – the choice is yours.
From our hotel in the Dolomites you can set out to explore the Val di Non and Val d’Ultimo/Ultental, characterised by dense forests and flowery meadows in summer and glistening snow during the colder months of the year.
The warm season invites you to take part in exciting excursions and trekking tours through the meadows and pastures of the Maddalene, between Trentino and Alto Adige/Südtirol. Autumn is the season of good flavours and mushrooms: Do you like to pick them too? Then treat yourself to the pleasure of spending a holiday in Val di Non! The only imperative? Experiencing the most authentic aspects of the mountains and respecting its spaces, colours, shapes, and scents.

Our tips for hikes in Val di Non


Difficulty: medium
Duration: 7 hours

The path runs across Trentino and Alto Adige/Südtirol, through the beautiful variety of landscapes the mountains between Val di Non and Val d'Ultimo have to offer: dense forests of larchs and firs interspersed with sunny meadows. The route is long but offers many opportunities for refreshment.

You start from Proves and, following the road to Val d'Ultimo/Ultental, you arrive at a large square, near the first tunnel, where you can park your car. On the opposite side of the road to the car park there is a dirt road (sign 8) which leads to the Malga di Cloz. From here you start your ascent by following the sign 7. Pass through Malga Poiol/Oberalm and continue along trail no. 7/10 amidst sunny meadows until you reach the junction with trail no. 10 which leads to the ridge. Walk carefully through open spaces with breathtaking views to the Belmonte/Schöngrub peak (2461 m). On the way back, pass the South Tyrolean side of the mountain and follow trail signs 22 and 23 to Spitzner Alm. From here, continue along trail no. 23, which leads through meadows and forests to the Gampenalm hut. After the hut, take trail no. 24, which leads to the meadows of the Malgar Castrin. Trail no. 133 and then no. 8 take you back to the car park.


Difficulty: easy
Duration: 1.5 hours

One of the most beautiful excursions is to the Valle dei Canyon to discover the deep gorge dug by the waters of the Rio Sass under the village of Fondo. The guided tours are organised by the Cooperativa Smeraldo. The guide provides all the necessary equipment to get down into the canyon: waterproof cape, helmet, and transceiver to follow the directions along the way.
The descent begins by moving on the metal footbridges passing near the foundations of the oldest houses in the village built on the edge of the rocks. Continuing along this path, you follow the path of the gorge, which in some places is very narrow. The rocks of the canyon are covered with bright green mosses and impress with spectacular geological formations: giant's kettle, fossils, stalactites, and stalagmites emerge from the walls as primitive sculptures. The roar of the rushing water follows us until the end of the route in a lush clearing where the stream meets in rays of the sun.


Difficulty: medium
Duration: 4 hours

The path takes you to one of the most suggestive peaks of the Maddalene. While crossing the grassy plateaus, it is easy to meet the animals that live in this area.
Starting from Rumo, you can reach the small village of Mocenigo by car, where the road becomes a dirt road. You can park your car near the Lavazzè hut.
From here, follow trail no. 131-149 which leads through the woods of Pozon. Following the path 149, you arrive at Lago Pin with its lush meadows. After an easy ascent you reach Sella del Piron: it is in this cool and shady meadow that the chamois often stop to escape from the summer heat. Trail no. 131 leads in about 45 minutes to the top of Monte Pin. The path is steep but the view from the summit is spectacular. On the way back, follow path 131 backwards to the Grumi Lakes. Once at the nearby Grumi pasture, you can stop for a pleasant break. From here, you’ll reach the Lavazzè pasture in about 25 minutes.


Difficulty: easy
Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes

A quiet walk along the banks of the Rio Novella to get to the beautiful waterfall of Tret, a real jewel hidden by dense forests.
We start from the old town of Fondo and take the state road 238 in the direction of Passo Palade. After about 1 km you will find a sign that reads "Strada Vecla di Tret".
This path follows the course of the Novella stream through fir woods and offers splendid views of the village of Tret. From here two paths start, one that allows you to admire the waterfall from above, the second, much more impressive, which descends to the base of the waterfall. The emotion is strong: the waterfalls are 70 metres high and seem to start directly in the sky.


In Rumo, in Val di Non, along a brand new theme path full of surprises. You can reach it from the hamlet of Mocenigo di Rumo (where you can leave your car) in the locality of Bagni: to the right of the fountain, take the cemented road for about 100 metres and you will arrive in Palù. This is where the route starts. Along the way, you will find an iron-magnesium water spring, marked with a special sign with a fountain. In 1800, this water was used for the bathing establishment.
It is not suitable for strollers because of the initial slope that leads to the entrance of the path. It is, however, very nice and worth a visit. At the beginning, there is also a fountain, ideal for cooling off on hot days.


An impressive route through unique places and forests. A circular walk that starts and ends in Preghena, enriched by 21 installations, picnic stops, and a thousand surprises.

The "Il lavoro, le fate, le streghe" route starts in the centre of Preghena (806 m.) Here you can park your car and start the journey from the first installation, an information totem that explains the meaning of the cirucular hiking tour. The route leads immediately around the altitude of 900 meters. Along the route, you will encounter 21 wooden installations about ancient fairy tales, forest animals, landscapes, and enchanted beings. Shortly after the departure, you will find a typical "ciaretar". The route continues flat or downhill and crosses the hill called "Dos da Mul" which, given its position as a strategic observatory, reminds of an ancient "castelliere". From here, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the valley of Rumo, the Mezzalone, Cis, and the Valley of Bresimo. Halfway along the route there is the possibility to stop and rest sheltered by a beautiful structure. Then you reach the "ciarbonara", the charcoal burner once designed to extract coal from wood. Soon you return to the starting point through the centre of Preghena and passing by the Church of Sant'Antonio Abate.

Point of departure and arrival: Preghena di Livo
Total walking time: 1.30 hours
Difficulty: easy

Distance: 5 km
Uphill altitude difference: 100 m
Maximum height: 900 m

Suitable for snowshoes: YES
Suitable for strollers: YES

PLEASE NOTE: The itinerary is suitable for every season as well as for mountain bike tours. The route is constantly evolving – every year, it is enriched with new works. The route is also accessible with a stroller, except for the stretch that connects the "The Flying Witch" and the "Plague of the Diaol" installations; it is recommended to divert directly towards Dos da Mul.


Discovering the ancient mines of Rumo and the geology of the Maddalene mountain range

Four municipalities united for the development of the mining tourism. The area of Livo, Rumo, Proves, and Revò is home to about 250 testimonies of the mining activity that was of great importance for the local economy from 1200 to 1500. The importance was so great that near the Lavazzè torrent a melting furnace was built: a real industrial site for the processing and fusion of galena. This material was used for the recovery of silver (apparently destined for the mint of Merano/Meran), lead, and copper. In the more recent mines, "coti" stones were transported to Terres, where the finishing workshop was located. The so-called "préde" were used in particular to file the scythe.
The professor of geology and petrology at the University of Bologna Giuseppe Maria Bargossi explained the characteristic that makes the Maddalene mountain range unique thanks to the presence of Peridotites. "These are metamorphic rocks of the earth's mantle that have emerged on the surface because of the so-called tectonic disturbances," Bargossi explained.
Of particular interest are also the plant fossils of Tregiovo, dating back to about 300 million years ago and that, according to what has been reported by the president of Rumés, will be asked to be safeguarded by UNESCO.

Point of departure and arrival: Hotel Margherita (by foot)
Total walking time: there are several routes from 1 hour up to 3 hours
The mines can be visited with a guide.